Quality and sustainability

In the Cleaning sector, it is not only the service actually provided that matters but also the appraisal, which is why Klüh Cleaning makes its services transparent. The Masterkey Plus system used in this respect is important for two reasons: it acts both as a quality control instrument and as proof of performance. Masterkey Plus is one of the few systems to comply with the EN 13549: 2001 standard, which sets out the basic requirement for quality measuring systems. The system has been successfully in use for years with large clients like ThyssenKrupp Stahl in Duisburg and RWE in Essen.

Before each new contract, we work out a cleaning plan for the site in consultation with the client. Our organisational management is responsible for the starting phase throughout Germany. A team of experienced staff is arranged jointly with the relevant branch office and the organisational management. A detailed start-up plan and clear terms of reference are the cornerstones for a successful start along with continuous communication.


Klüh Cleaning’s expertise can be seen in its cleaning of floors, windows, frontages and outside surfaces and its many other services. In the process, we always use the means best suited to the materials. Together with the chemical giant Ecolab and the cleaning specialist Kärcher, we are developing new, optimised cleaning systems so that we can work quickly without damaging the materials, while caring for the environment.

We also have skilled staff who can assist you outside buildings: lawn mowing, garden landscaping and maintenance, the removal of graffiti, initial cleaning after construction and snow clearing are just some of the additional services available from us. All the while, you have just one contact with everything from a single source. The time and costs saved are even greater if you commission other services from Klüh like facility management, security and catering in addition to cleaning.

Quality Management

Documented performance control is the transparency which Klüh Cleaning guarantees to all its clients. Quality management ensures that the agreed cleaning level is maintained and honestly billed. This creates confidence and forms the basis of sound client relationships. Klüh Cleaning is certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.

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Growth during the crisis

Klüh Cleaning is the Klüh Group’s largest division, with 2013 sales of €182.4 million. As a sign of our market acceptance, we have grown despite the crisis. In 2010 Klüh Cleaning saw its sales up 5,29% on the preceding year – despite harsh economic conditions and a multitude of small and large competitors.

Our success is the result of experience and dependability along with highly efficient use of labour and equipment. Improved cleaning solutions, the use of microfibres, the development of ‘intelligent’ mobile cleaning stations and environmentally friendly detergents all make Cleaning a successful service provider, to say nothing of an attractive price/performance ratio.

Trade references

Last year Cassidian (formerly EADS Defence & Security) renewed a contract worth millions, which had initially been concluded in 2006, for a further five years starting in January 2012. The Gläserne Manufaktur (Glass Factory) of Volkswagen in Dresden is now back on the list of clients, whereas the cleaning contract for the Post Tower was notably extended; the largest new cleaning contract in 2010, however, was for Hannover Airport. In a joint venture with HochTief Facility Management GmbH, Klüh established a company with around 100 employees last year which will clean the Munich Re buildings over the next eight years. Other large clients are Henkel, Provinzial, Düsseldorf International and Dortmund airports, the Osram company and the Bertelsmann logistics division Arvato.

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