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14.12.2016 | Klüh Catering: Thorsten Greth succeeds Peter Waldecker

Change at the top of Klüh Catering GmbH.

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17.11.2016 | European Aviation Safety Agency EASA in Cologne commissions Klüh Cleaning

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is the flight safety authority of the European Union based in Cologne and has entrusted the Düsseldorf service provider Klüh Cleaning with cleaning services.

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26.10.2016 | Klüh Catering: against the wastage of food

According to a scientific study by the University of Stuttgart, 1.9 million tons of food are disposed of by large-scale consumers in Germany every year...

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12.10.2016 | Japan’s robot multi FANUC commissions Klüh Catering for academy and hotel

The Japanese corporation FANUC, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of automation technology, has set up a training centre at its German headquarters in Neuhausen auf den Fildern near Stuttgart.

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4.10.2016 | “We for Düsseldorf”: new round of applications starts

“We for Düsseldorf”, the private initiative of Josef Klüh, is entering a new round.

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8.09.2016 | Expansion in Poland

Klüh accelerates international growth.

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29.08.2016 | North Rhine-Westphalia celebrations in Düsseldorf: Klüh Security secured the event with Prince William and Chancellor Merkel

Düsseldorf and the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia celebrated: 70 years of North Rhine-Westphalia, 70 years of the state capital Düsseldorf.

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03.08.2016 | MEDIAN continues to rely on Klüh

MEDIAN has extended its cooperation with Klüh Clinic Service to over 20 clinics.

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28.07.2016 | Success of the sales focus on sectors

Klüh sees extraordinary growth in the first half year

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26.07.2016 | Klüh invites customers to a fair cruise along the Rhine

Every year, the crowning glory of the “Largest Fair on the Rhine” in Düsseldorf is the great firework display on the Rhine peninsula of Düsseldorf-Oberkassel.

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20.06.2016 | Capital congress Medicine and Health 2016 – Klüh invited 200 guests to the river Spree

Top event for customers with celebrity chef Steffen Henssler

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31.05.2016 | “Dragonboat Company Cup” on the River Spree

Klüh is the exclusive catering partner of the event

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24.05.2016 | Klüh Catering with innovative veggie line

“I LOVE GREEN” is the new vegetarian food concept by Klüh Catering.

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19.05.2016 | Widespread disease depression: Klüh Foundation promotes research into treatment through brain stimulation

Widespread disease depression – theme of the Klüh Foundation this year.

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5.04.2016 | Klüh Service Management - Klüh Catering launches new bistro in St. Marien-Hospital in Mülheim (Ruhr)

Klüh Catering has taken on the management of the bistro in the new building of St. Marienhospital in Mülheim (Ruhr).

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16.03.2016 | Klüh Service Management - Klüh Service Management with strong growth

In 2015 the Düsseldorf-based family company Klüh Service Management again recorded a strong business development and is continuing to grow.

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4.03.2016 | Klüh Service Management - “We for Düsseldorf” – first donation to social organisations in the city

The Düsseldorf entrepreneur Josef Klüh has often personally supported social institutions in Düsseldorf in the past.

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29.02.2016 | Klüh Security - GLOBALFOUNDRIES in Dresden chooses Klüh Security once again

Klüh Security

GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a world leader in semiconductor production, has used security services from Klüh Service Management at its Dresden site for many years.

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23.02.2016 | Klüh Service Management - Uwe Gossmann is mourned

Uwe Gossmann

Owner Josef Klüh, the management and the staff of Klüh Service Management are mourning Uwe Gossmann, who died suddenly last week at the age of just 59.


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19.01.2016 | Klüh extends its management team - Christian Wilms responsible for sales in Cleaning and Clinic Service

Klüh Cleaning

Düsseldorf’s multi-service provider Klüh Service Management has extended its management team: since the beginning of the year, Christian Wilms (50) has headed sales for the divisions Cleaning and Clinic Service.

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17.12.2015 | After Fortuna Düsseldorf and VfL Bochum - Alemannia Aachen now also puts its trust in Klüh Security

Klüh Security

The traditional football club Alemannia Aachen has entrusted Klüh Security, Düsseldorf with stadium security at home games. Moreover, Klüh staff also accompany Alemannia fans to away games.

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15.12.2015 | Gratifying order situation - Growing workforce at Klüh

Klüh Multiservices

Klüh Service Management GmbH has increased its staff in the last three months by more than 700 and created many new jobs.

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07.12.2015 | Klüh Catering: 3,000 Euros for the Charity Event “Christmas at Dresden Town Hall”

Klüh Catering

The company Klüh Catering GmbH is contributing 3,000 Euros towards the financing of the charity event “Christmas at Dresden Town Hall”.

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17.11.2015 | Klüh Service Management continues on course for success with the operating company FMgo!

Klüh Service Management continues on course for success with the operating company FMgo!

The operating company FMgo! is a subsidiary of SPIE GmbH and Klüh Service Management GmbH. In this partnership, the Düsseldorf-based multi-service provider Klüh is responsible for the industrial cleaning of currently 19 properties of the insurance group Munich Re.

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10.11.2015 | Klüh Cleaning gains new custome – Leisure centre AGGUA TROISDORF puts its trust in Klüh’s expertise

Klüh Cleaning gewinnt neuen Kunden

AGGUA TROISDORF, one of the biggest water parks between Cologne and Koblenz with a varied range of offers in the indoor and outdoor areas as well as the stilt sauna village, which is unique in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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20.10.2015 | “We for Düsseldorf” – Josef Klüh supports social projects in the city

Wir für Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf entrepreneur Josef Klüh has frequently supported private social institutions in Düsseldorf in the past. With the initiative “We for Düsseldorf” he is set to give this commitment a broader footing in future.

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08.10.2015 | Klüh Security provides medically-trained assistants for energy company MIBRAG

Klüh Security stellt medizinisch ausgebildete Hilfskräfte für Energieunternehmen MIBRAG

Klüh Security has expanded its portfolio of services for Braunkohlengesellschaft mbH (MIBRAG) at its site in Buschhaus, near Helmstedt in Lower Saxony.

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08.09.2015 | Klüh Service Management Official Partner of “Sportstadt Düsseldorf”

Klüh Service Management offizieller Partner der „Sportstadt Düsseldorf“

The campaign “Sportstadt Düsseldorf” (Sport City Düsseldorf), run by the state capital, has set itself the goal of promoting Düsseldorf’s sports clubs, thereby supporting both amateur and competitive sports.

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12.08.2015 | Municipal Hospital Wolfenbüttel with new hygiene concept from Klüh

Municipal Hospital Wolfenbüttel with new hygiene concept from Klüh

The municipal hospital Wolfenbüttel gGmbH has commissioned Klüh Service Management GmbH to undertake clinic services in three of its properties from 1 July 2015.

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25.07.2015 | Firework and cruise party

100 years Klüh Service Management GmbH

On the occasion of Düsseldorf’s funfair the Rheinkirmes, Klüh welcomed guests aboard the “MS Rheinfantasie”. The spectacular fireworks on the Friday before the end of the “biggest funfair on the Rhine” in Düsseldorf are the highlight of the second biggest fair in Germany.

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16.07.2015 | Klüh Catering remains in front

Klüh Catering weiterhin vorn

Düsseldorf-based Klüh Catering GmbH has taken first place in the German clinics/hospitals segment once again by a huge margin, according to the latest analysis by gv-praxis, one of the leading trade magazines for professional communal catering (issue 5/2015).

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08.07.2015 | Klüh Security: Two contracts in specialist hospitals with high security standards

Klüh Security, ein führender Qualitätsanbieter umfassender Sicherheits-Dienstleistungen

Klüh Security, a leading high-quality provider of comprehensive security services, has taken on security and protection services in two specialist hospitals with the toughest safety requirements.

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09.06.2015 | Fashion corporation ESPRIT puts its faith in Klüh

Modekonzern ESPRIT setzt auf Klüh

Esprit Europe GmbH, Ratingen, has entrusted Klüh Service Management with cleaning services in its German headquarters and other properties in Ratingen. The new contract covers eleven buildings in all.

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01.06.2015 | Klüh Service Management 2014 continues on course for growth

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

The company Klüh Service Management GmbH based in Düsseldorf is able to look back on a successful and highly profitable year.

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06.05.2015 | Klüh Foundation Advancement Award 2015 goes to Professor Dr Marc Jacobsen, Uniklinikum Düsseldorf

Förderpreis 2015 der Klüh Stiftung

The Advancement Award 2015 from the Klüh Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation in Science and Research has been won by a Düsseldorf-based researcher.

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21.04.2015 | Klüh Service Management trains staff at its own Academy

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

High customer satisfaction and top service are the top priorities for Klüh. Growing customer expectations mean new requirements for the company’s staff.

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26.02.2015 | Regional products and freshness the trump card for BDH-Klinik patients


At the beginning of the year, the Düsseldorf company Klüh Catering GmbH took over the catering for patients in the BDH-Klinik, Greifswald.

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04.02.2015 | Klüh appoints Udo Weißmantel as Managing Director of the Clinic Service

Clinic Service

Klüh Service Management, Düsseldorf, has appointed Udo Weißmantel (49) as a Managing Director of Klüh Clinic Service GmbH.

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04.02.2015 | New Managing Director of the Holding Company at Klüh


The Advisory Board of Klüh Service Management GmbH has appointed Mr. Reiner Worbs as a member of the Management of the Holding Company as of 01 February 2015.

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04.02.2015 | Klüh Cleaning cleans the Paul-Löbe-Haus in Berlin


Within the framework of a public tender, Klüh Cleaning has been awarded the contract for carrying out routine maintenance in the German Bundestag (“Paul-Löbe-Haus”). (Photo: DBT/Reiss)

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19.12.2014 | Klüh Security becomes VfL Bochum’s new security partner


VfL Bochum 1848 is acquiring a new security partner: as of 01.01.2015 Klüh Security will be responsible for security inside and outside the rewirpowerSTADION.

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12.12.2014 | Businessman Josef Klüh is “Düsseldorf Citizen of the Year”

Josef Klüh

The businessman Josef Klüh has been chosen by his home town to be “Düsseldorf Citizen of the Year”.

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11.12.2014 | Klüh donates to charities in Düsseldorf

Klüh spendet

For the third time in a row Klüh in Düsseldorf is donating money to charity instead of spending money on buying Christmas presents for customers.

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25.07.2014 | Food in an industrial ambiance – Klüh Catering gains new customers in the Oberbergischer Kreis district

Essen im Industrieambiente – Klüh Catering gewinnt neuen Kunden im Oberbergischen

Word gets around about quality, and this is certainly true in the Oberbergischer Kreis district between Cologne and Olpe, home to many innovative SMEs.

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17.07.2014 | Klüh Security and Riskworkers GmbH: Co-operation with added value for customers

Klüh Security und Riskworkers GmbH:

As of now, Klüh Security Ltd. and the Munich company for security consultation, Riskworkers GmbH, will work together.

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20.06.2014 | BASF grants Klüh Best Facility Management Services award once again


For the second time, BASF Ludwigshafen has awarded the multi-service provider, Klüh Service Management, for best services in facility management.

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18.06.2014 | Klüh Service Management: Higher turnover in the last year

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

The international multi-service provider, Klüh Service Management, has grown once again over the last year. Turnover rose from 650.8 M to 658.5 M euros despite the company's deliberate retreat from Greece and its split from Union Technik.

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15.05.2014 | Klüh Foundation gives award to committed Berlin surgeon

Klüh Stiftung

Advisory panel acknowledges importance of research project for children with malformations. The prize of the "Klüh Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation in Science and Research" is this year being awarded to the medical practitioner Dr. Ayse-Gül Schmidt of the Charité Campus Virchow Hospital in Berlin.

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13.01.2014 | Klüh no. 2 in the clinic sector in China – High distinction for subsidiary company in Wuhan

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

The Klüh subsidiary company Wuhan Tongji Property Management in Wuhan in South-East China had been entered into the list of the top 200 property management companies in China at number 162.

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29.11.2013 | Klüh ends involvement in Greece and restructures the FM business

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

The multi-service provider Klüh Service Management, Düsseldorf, is parting with its business in Greece where the corporate group (2012 turnover: EUR 650.8) has been doing business since 2001.

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06.08.2013 | Contract worth millions for Klüh in Greece

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

Vodafone Greece, a company belonging to Vodafone Group Plc, the world's second largest mobile communications provider, has entrusted Klüh Service Management with security services throughout Greece. The contract volume is worth EUR 3.3 m.

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19.06.2013 | Burj Khalifa, Dubai: The Klüh Group is awarded another contract for cleaning in the world's tallest building

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

Berkeley Services UAE, the subsidiary of Klüh Service Management GmbH based in Düsseldorf, will continue to be responsible for cleaning in the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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20.02.2013 | Klüh Service Management expands management team

100 Jahre Klüh Service Management GmbH

Following the appointment of Uwe Gossmann to Management Spokesperson of Klüh Service Management GmbH in August 2012, the company's Advisory Board appointed Frank Theobald as the company's new Chief Financial Officer, as of 18/02/2013.

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Instead of Christmas presents: Klüh donates €40,000
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Klüh Foundation rewards Eva Luise Köhler
for her dedication as the patron of ACHSE
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RWE: Award for Klüh Cleaning
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Klüh working on hygiene standards for Hubei Province in China, population 58 million
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Klüh Service Management: Uwe Gossmann takes on operational management
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German company receives cleaning contract for University of
United Arab Emirates
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Klüh Service Management: Strength through Internationality
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BASF: High Accolade for Klüh
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Stadtwerke München - Gets Klüh Catering in to Cook
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Klüh is Serving Up Meals in the Düsseldorf Sana Hospitals
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Company portrait 2011
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100 years of Klüh Service Management - Growth continues unabated
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Klüh Corporate News 1/2011
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