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Our commitment to responsibility

Social action and an environmental identity

As a family company, Klüh has a long tradition of viewing corporate social responsibility as an inseparable link between economic success and responsible actions. Our own specifications, especially in our staffing, environmental and quality policies, set high standards in the company. In addition, our customers, business partners, staff and sites have become much more international – just one reason why Klüh represents responsibility worldwide.

Certified services and excellently-trained staff guarantee expertise in all our fields of business. Planning and measuring the quality of the work we do is part of our day-to-day business.


The goals of environmental management

Fuel reduction and fewer CO2 emissions
Klüh has achieved significant fuel savings in recent years. Among other measures, we only use vehicles with optimised fuel consumption and emissions and start-stop technology. Training staff on ways of driving that optimise fuel consumption has also helped to reduce the emissions of our vehicle fleet considerably.

Use of mechanical cleaning devices
When mechanical cleaning devices are used, noise emissions are kept as low as possible, and we try to ensure that the devices are efficient and save resources. Handling the equipment in a sustainable way is also a big priority at Klüh. We use the machinery exchange of a large equipment manufacturer – this allows devices that have come to the end of their useful lives to be re-used (once renovated and inspected) in other places, while machines that are no longer needed elsewhere can be put to use by Klüh.

Use of cleaning agents
Klüh's environmentally-friendly approach in the cleaning segment is based on four pillars:

  • Replacing hazardous substances with less-dangerous agents
  • Using environmentally-friendly cleaning agents whenever possible
  • Dosage specifications that optimise the cleaning effect and environmental protection
  • Monitoring and checking adherence to dosage specifications

Our staff work with pre-saturated systems wherever technically possible. We use antibacterial cleaning cloths when working in areas in which hygiene is paramount. We are also moving towards using mechanical cleaning processes more and more.

Reduction in electricity consumption
In 2014, all artificial light sources throughout the main Klüh administration building in Düsseldorf were converted to LED bulbs, reducing our electricity consumption by 68 per cent. This also benefits the health of our staff, as the new bulbs contain no harmful substances. The light is also gentle on the eyes, with no flickering. The light output is equivalent to full daylight.


Comprehensive quality management

Klüh works with quality management systems in accordance with

  • DIN EN ISO 9001,
  • DIN EN ISO 14001,
  • DIN ISO 45001,
  • DIN EN ISO 50001, and
  • SCC regulations *.

Together, these management systems form a single integrated management system for quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety. All Klüh specialist companies and branches work in line with this quality management system and adhere to its standards.

The Security division holds additional certification in accordance with DIN 77200 (level 1) underpinning its high quality standards.

Our management systems are certified by TÜV Austria and undergo annual audits by TÜV Austria. All Klüh specialist companies and branches are audited internally according to our integrated management system for quality, environmental protection, energy and resource efficiency, and occupational safety.

Klüh Akademie, our internal institute for initial and advanced training, was created to provide staff development and qualifications. The Akademie offers an extensive range of training courses for our specialist companies and coordinates all training measures.

The aforementioned certificates and the Akademie programme are how we guarantee our consistently high quality. After all, we are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction, our environmental responsibility, the efficient use of energy and resources, and our responsibility towards our employees.

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