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Personnel Service


We are specialists with many years of experience in the placement of temporary staff, direct placement and personnel recruitment. If required, we also offer on-site management and master vendor solutions. We are our clients’ reliable partner when they experience staff shortages at times of peak demand. Your individual requirements are at the heart of what we do.

Klüh Personnel Service is your personnel service provider, working quickly, transparently and reliably. We deploy our wide-ranging expertise and empathy to find the perfect match for your needs. We also provide competent and uncomplicated support for fixed-term projects and the implementation of innovations. We provide and recruit qualified staff for our partners in commerce and technology, trade and industry, private companies and public bodies.

You can count on Klüh Personnel Service for your success


It is becoming increasingly difficult to make long-term plans in business. You may often need personnel quickly and flexibly.

As part of a major international company, Klüh Personnel Service knows the challenges you face every day. We bring you together with qualified candidates and manage the recruitment process on your behalf.

We pay in line with the agreements of the collective bargaining association for the personnel services industry (iGZ-DGB). This guarantees the pay and rights of our employees.

When you work with us, both parties benefit from a risk-free probation period. Our long-term relationships with our clients and employees are evidence of their high degree of satisfaction.


Temporary staff placement is characterised by a three-way relationship between the agency, the employee and the client.

  • The employee has an employment contract with the agency and only this agency can loan the employee out to a third party (no loan chain).
  • A temporary staff placement contract is concluded between the agency and the client. The employee works for the client.
  • The agency has a duty to inform the employee in advance if the deployment is a temporary placement.

Always functional


We aim to help our clients remain strong and competitive. That is why we have developed solutions and concepts to increase your productivity and cost-effectiveness. Our service portfolio is aligned with the challenges facing the labour market in the future.

Temporary staff placement

We provide temporary staff to address both short-term and long-term challenges, whether these are caused by acute peaks in demand or by illness, parental leave and holidays.

Direct placement

Direct placement is a further pillar of our success.

On-site management

On-site management by Klüh Personnel Service may be the best solution if you have extensive personnel requirements based on long-term contracts.

Master vendor solutions

As the master vendor, we can combine our own services with those of other personnel service providers.

Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for a personnel service provider in the fields of temporary staff placement and direct placement, then we’re the right partner for you. We provide optimal and flexible personnel planning tailored to your individual needs, working quickly, expertly and reliably.

We manage the recruitment process and offer both parties a risk-free probation period. Collaborating with us gives you the advantage of greater flexibility. We help you when you experience staff shortages due to acute peaks in demand, parental leave and holidays. The employees we place with you are competent and satisfied. Some of them have had a contract with us for many years.

You can rely on the expertise and values of Klüh, a family-owned company with an international outlook and more than 111 years of experience.

Subsidiary liability means that client companies can be made liable for mandatory contributions such as social security contributions, employers’ liability insurance contributions and income tax.

In principle, the personnel service provider is responsible for paying these contributions and taxes for its employees. However, if it does not (for example, due to insolvency) or does not make the correct payments, the client company will be liable for payment for the entire placement period. In Germany, the statute of limitations on social security contributions is four years from the end of the calendar year in which they were due. The insolvency of a personnel service provider may therefore represent a risk to companies that use temporary staff.

You can minimise your risk of subsidiary liability by collaborating with an economically strong and reliable partner like Klüh Personnel Service. Klüh Personnel Service has an indefinite licence to supply temporary staff and can show customers current certificates of good standing from health insurance companies, the employers’ liability insurance association and the tax authorities.

Our membership of the personnel services industry association (iGZ) gives our clients and employees the security of a transparent contract in line with the applicable collective agreement. For our employees, this means that they are deployed at attractive conditions in positions with interesting perspectives.

You can find more information (German only) at

Of course you can. Depending on the duration of the placement, our fee varies in the first 12 months. No fee applies from the 13th month.

We can provide more details about our conditions in a personal meeting.

We are a member of the collective bargaining association for the personnel services industry (iGZ-DGB).