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Clinic Service


As a strategic hygiene partner to the healthcare sector, we know the challenges our clients face and make important contributions to ensuring maximum hygiene. Professional hospital and clinic cleaning services belong in the hands of specialists and are moving increasingly to the centre of public focus.

Our hygiene experts support you in avoiding the risk of infection at your facility so that you can be a preferred healthcare provider. Our state-certified disinfection specialists make sure that bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, prions and other harmful pathogens have no chance. The Klüh Clinic Service portfolio covers the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, hygienic bed preparation and the sterilisation of medical products. The equipment used meets the highest standards of hygiene.

Efficiency and transparency


Our services for the healthcare sector support your employees such as nursing staff, enabling them to focus on their core activities. More than 20,500 employees work for Klüh Clinic Service in all the countries in which Klüh is active.

You benefit from our support for your process, planning and budget reliability, at the same time enjoying a high level of service and fast decision-making. At the same time, you can improve the satisfaction of patients and residents because a clean and hygienic environment contributes to their recovery and well-being.

We put a lot of effort into sharing our hygiene expertise with our clients and have published a hygiene handbook. In 2020, this important industry resource was expanded to include a chapter on major infectious diseases including COVID-19. All Klüh Clinic Service employees undergo regular training at the company’s own academy to update their knowledge of hygiene standards.

Our service offering for you


From building and ward cleaning in hospitals to service company management – our portfolio of services is extensive. You can choose to use one or more of these services.

Building and ward cleaning

Hygienic building and ward cleaning covers corridors, patients’/residents’ rooms, treatment rooms, offices, staff rooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities.

Operating room cleaning

Specialist operating room cleaning is one of the most demanding tasks. It is performed after operations to prevent the spread of germs.

Laboratory cleaning

Our expert cleaning of security level 1 and 2 laboratories contributes to the smooth operation of laboratories and clean rooms as well as pharmacy laboratories used to produce cytostatic drugs.

Sterile supplies

Our preparation of operating instruments and other sterile supplies ensures that germs have no chance.

Patient services

Our patient services enable you to focus on your patients while reducing the burden on your employees.

Hygiene management

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, stricter legal requirements had been imposed in respect of hygiene management.

Transport services

In order to relieve the burden on your employees, Klüh Clinic Service can perform transport services – quickly and reliably.

Bed preparation

Klüh Clinic Service also specialises in bed preparation. Our long-standing customers include university hospitals with more than 1,300 beds.

Service company management

Klüh Care Management GmbH ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness by networking and steering an infinite number of services.


Frequently asked questions

Klüh Clinic Service stands out from the competition thanks to a combination of efficiency, expertise, reliability, experience and conceptual ability. We are familiar with and understand the challenges faced by the healthcare sector every day. In partnership with our clients, we offer process, planning and budget reliability coupled with a consistently high level of service. We not only document our strengths in the tender process but actually deliver in practice throughout years of successful collaboration. Long-term partnerships with many large clinics and hospitals are evidence of their trust in our expertise.

Our employees are qualified hygiene experts who undergo regular hygiene training. We work with and train state-certified disinfection specialists. And we invest a lot of effort in sharing our expertise as a hygiene specialist with our clients.

Cleaning services in hospitals and clinics not only have an aesthetic function to foster well-being, they are also of life-saving importance. The main focus is to prevent infection among patients, employees and visitors.

A growing number of hospital and clinic operators are therefore outsourcing cleaning services to the professionals. Highly qualified and specialised cleaners work with digital support to provide cleaning on demand, either as a daytime service or in shifts to ensure round-the-clock hygienic cleanliness. Professional cleaning services can also take on the complex task of hygiene management, ensuring that you can reliably meet your responsibility to ensure hygiene while freeing up your staff to concentrate on their core activities.

Establishing an operating company together with Klüh Care Management GmbH has many advantages. We are a reliable partner that delivers an above-average level of service and consistent cost-effectiveness.

Working with us, you can increase efficiency and effectiveness by networking and steering an infinite number of services. Pooled purchasing reduces costs and you have a single point of contact for many services. Continuous reporting and quality management ensure maximum transparency. You gain flexibility in your time planning, benefit from the transfer of knowledge and free up your nursing staff.

Responsibility has always been one of Klüh’s corporate values, encompassing responsibility for its employees, the environment, society and the market. These are the four pillars of Klüh’s corporate responsibility strategy. Klüh sets high standards through its own guidelines, especially in respect of personnel, environmental and quality policy.

There is a growing focus on sustainability in healthcare and the green hospital approach. Klüh Clinic Service aims to support you in achieving your sustainability targets. We work efficiently and in a way that is appropriate to the actual task, preventing infections and the spread of pathogens. We make responsible use of cleaning agents in our operations, working with clear dosing specifications and substituting hazardous substances agents with less hazardous substances wherever possible. The chemicals we use deliver optimum cleaning performance with a minimum impact on the environment. Biotech cleaning agents enable us to avoid the use of harmful substances altogether. Our innovative machines and equipment are set to optimise water consumption, with our eco models working quietly and using less electricity. The special equipment we use for the safe and rapid disinfection of entire rooms works with ozone that it produces itself from the ambient air.

Klüh Clinic Service focuses on providing professional and hygienic cleaning services. This kind of work belongs in experienced hands in order to deliver the high standards of hygiene required. Klüh Clinic Service is a preferred strategic hygiene partner to the healthcare sector. We can help ensure maximum hygiene in your facility and perform hygiene management on your behalf.

Klüh Clinic Service employees perform disinfection and cleaning operations, making an important contribution in the battle against hospital pathogens. They undergo regular training at the company’s own academy to update their knowledge of hygiene standards and form a strong team together with our state-certified disinfection specialists. We also put a lot of effort into sharing our knowledge of hygiene with the facilities we support.

As a valued hygiene expert, Klüh Clinic Service has published a handbook of hygiene guidelines to help ensure a consistently high standard of hygiene and minimise the risk of infection.