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Digitalisation and innovation

Within the company, innovation is seen as a critical factor in growth and positive development. In order to offer service innovations, Klüh has been investing in new ideas for many years, analysing trends and focusing on innovative product developments in all its business divisions.

An established culture of innovation is the basis for fostering innovative ideas within the company, for managing innovations and for allocating the necessary investment and resources to their implementation. The benefit for clients is at the forefront of all these activities.

Our Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE) is the lynchpin of digital innovation and the divisions’ internal partner for digital transformation at Klüh. For this reason, the CoDE has expertise in both technologies and the activities of the various divisions.

The Digital Innovation Days that are held regularly with and for the different divisions foster awareness for digital opportunities, demonstrate the potential of digitalisation and serve as a key initiator of innovation for the individual divisions.

Center of Digital Excellence

Ideally equipped for digital transformation

Klüh recognised at an early stage that digital transformation can only be successful if it is designed holistically and implemented across the company. Anything else contradicts our belief that only an agile company can be successful in the dynamic world in which we operate. In 2018, this realisation resulted in the establishment of the Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE) as a central unit of the holding company.

The CoDE coordinates the development of digital innovations for all the divisions and brings them to market. It identifies innovative topics and trials pioneering digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, digital twins, virtual reality, robotics and assistance systems.

The Center of Digital Excellence develops new digital services, solutions and business models for the divisions of Klüh Multiservices.

In this way, we support our divisions’ innovative strength and safeguard Klüh’s future viability. Through new services and solutions, we are creating the basis for optimising processes, improving efficiency and facilitating communication in order to safeguard our own competitiveness and provide our clients with quality at attractive prices.

With our new business models, we aim to go beyond pure product and service innovations to optimise our sector. Our goal is to launch new business models which are better able to satisfy our clients’ needs than conventional models. All our efforts are concentrated on delivering greater benefit to our clients and achieving a stronger client focus that sets us apart from our competitors.

Felix Fiedler

Head of the Center of Digital Excellence

Matching our competitors in terms of price and quality merely brings us into the game. However, client focus is what wins the game."

The successful implementation of such innovative business models will give Klüh interesting new market opportunities. Here, we are giving particular attention to on-demand business models. These digital business models are attracting growing interest from our clients. In the context of services like ours, on-demand means satisfying clients’ needs as soon as possible after a request is made.

At the core of the service-on-demand business model is Klüh’s own IoT framework, which is part of an integrated ecosystem. Full integration into established operational processes will ensure acceptance by employees.

Connecting digital processes and systems

Klüh IoT-Framework

Using the Internet of Things, we are able to connect physical reality with the virtual world. Sensors make it possible to network cleaning machines, fridges, soap dispensers, doors, rooms, lifts and cars, for example, and to connect them with the internet.

Our proprietary Klüh IoT framework enables us identify, implement and forecast new services for clients. Sensor data provide us with the information for visualising and analysing real-time dashboards and digital room plans, among other things.

This results in use profiles that include analyses which can then be used for planning employee deployments. Our employees are notified of their tasks and any acute need for action via mobile end devices. In this way, we become more conscious of quality and efficiency in our work.

When it comes to sensor technology, we work with our long-standing network of partners to deploy the right sensors for a specific application. This applies whether the client already uses sensor technology (smart building, smart kitchen) or we first have to retrofit the client’s environment. We are convinced that on-demand business models based on our IoT framework are more efficient and better integrated than other business models which cannot deliver comparable services immediately.

DIGISOLUTIONS powered by Klüh

Klüh’s development of proprietary solutions in close cooperation with the business divisions and operating units ensures that business processes are managed more efficiently, optimised and safeguarded sustainably and coordinated transparently. Since it was established in 2018, the Center of Digital Excellence has produced a large number of innovations. By delivering digital developments at exactly the right time, the CoDE is sustainably strengthening the competitiveness of our company and our clients. Retaining a leadership position means embracing and implementing new digital solutions.

Digital solutions for you

If you have any questions about our digital solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can write to the experts in our Center of Digital Excellence at

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