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Reliable, fast, flexible and customer-focused


Klüh supports major airports, renowned airlines and many ground handling companies to ensure the smooth running, safety and efficiency of all operations between take-off and landing.

The activities associated with the aviation industry often involve complex process chains that require precise coordination, innovative digital solutions and perfectly functioning teams. We can provide all the services needed – cleaning, logistics, security, catering and temporary staff placement – in all areas ranging from car parks and shuttles through terminals, lounges and gates to the aircraft themselves, thus contributing to the smooth running of airline operations and ensuring that passengers have an enjoyable travel experience.

Thanks to optimal planning, excellent logistics and the necessary human resources, we are able to ensure good on-time performance.

We establish a lean and efficient organisational structure on site and deploy experienced and qualified staff with strong process expertise. The services provided are documented and monitored in detail.

With our aviation industry expertise spanning almost 50 years, we deliver high-quality services to our clients. From Amsterdam to Dubai and, of course, throughout Germany.


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