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Integrated Services

For maximum customer satisfaction


Klüh Integrated Services enables you to increase both efficiency and profitability. Our service offering can be tailored to meet your individual needs and bundled in a single package. We analyse your requirements and offer customised solutions.

Whether we provide a single service or a package, you determine the scope of what we do for you. In this way, you can free up time to focus on your core business.

As a multiservices provider with many specialist companies, we can support you with our extensive expertise in the areas of Cleaning, Technical Services, Security, Catering and Personnel Service.

In a modular approach, you simply choose which services you want us to provide. We can also fully manage all infrastructure services on your behalf.

Bundling services like this reduces the number of interfaces and creates a uniform overhead structure. After the package has been agreed, it is implemented and monitored on a continuous basis. This means we can track measures to identify and leverage any potential for optimisation.

DigiService, our innovative web-based customer service portal, enables us to intervene in the process at any time to implement your requirements. One of the many features of DigiService is the customer satisfaction module which we use to measure and analyse the services we have provided. In this way, we can continuously improve our quality and ensure the maximum transparency of our services.

We work constantly to develop new ideas and solutions tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. Many well-known companies already put their trust in the high service quality and expertise of Klüh Integrated Services. When you choose to work with us, you gain valuable time and increase the cost effectiveness of facility management.

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Here you will find a summary about each of our divisions.

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Frequently asked questions

At Klüh, we define integrated services as the efficient integration of all services in a single package in order to leverage synergies to the maximum.

You enjoy the advantages of the one-face-to-the-customer principle. We assign a single point of contact for each client to manage and coordinate all activities and take all relevant decisions. This person manages a cross-functional team tailored to your needs and with experience in contracts of the same scope and structure.

Other advantages of service packages: All services are covered by a single contract and billed by a single invoice. All requirements are integrated in a single system; our digital software ensures the transparency of all processes and supports all process contributors.

If required, we will assign you a highly qualified facility manager who monitors operations and processes on site and develops suggestions for optimisation, as well as regularly reviewing invoices and budgets.

Klüh Integrated Services is part of an international service network headed by Frank Theobald, Chairman of the Klüh Management Board. He has many years of experience in the management of the international family-owned company and its entities. The contact for all customer requirements is Christian Wilms, Managing Director Distribution for our Cleaning division.

All operational threads come together in our key account department where a large and well-qualified team manages all clients who have chosen to benefit from the integrated principle.

In many cases, we deploy a site manager who is our face to our clients and the point of contact for all services and requirements.

Our integrated management system ensures the structured and systematic implementation of high quality, environmental and energy management standards. Compliance with all requirements is monitored by regular audits.

We use specific digital tools to monitor the achievement of high quality standards in the individual service divisions.

All our employees receive basic and continuous advanced training in the Klüh Academy and at the Klüh Security School. We use innovative machinery and equipment that meets high standards and works sustainably.

The customer satisfaction module in our DigiService tool allows us to continuously measure and improve our services. The frequency and questions asked can be customised for individual clients.

You can order exactly the services you need. This modular approach gives you the benefit of a high degree of flexibility.

Our Integrated Services aim to provide you with maximum support and decision-making scope.