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Airport Service


For more than 40 years, Klüh Airport Service has been an experienced and competent partner to airports, airlines and ground handling companies across Germany and the world. Our outstanding service quality has also proved invaluable in turbulent times.

Thanks to our quality and years of experience, we can ensure the safety and reliability of all operations between take-off and landing. As a strategic partner for air operations, Klüh Airport Service is characterised by effective and efficient organisational structures, providing a large portfolio of specialised services with approval ratings of 99.96% for both performance and punctuality.

DLG Personalservice GmbH is a core part of Klüh Airport Service, based at Düsseldorf Airport since 2004. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of Klüh Service Management GmbH in 2011. The company’s core competencies include an extensive portfolio of operational and consulting services in the area of aircraft handling and ground support, aircrew transport services, other transport and shuttle services, including lost and found services for luggage.

We specialise in supporting aircraft turnaround and, thanks to our experience in providing temporary staff, can also deploy at short notice to other airports.

Our international expertise meets your needs


We ensure round-the-clock punctuality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and quality based on our optimal planning, excellent logistics and human resources at the airports in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Leipzig.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with major airports and global airlines, we are very familiar with our clients’ needs and work proactively to develop tailored solutions. This applies equally to security, aircraft cleaning, airport cleaning, ground services and transport services.

Klüh Airport Service understands your security needs. We develop individual and practical solutions in response to increasingly complex requirements. In aircraft cleaning, we ensure high standards of hygiene and deploy extensive biosecurity measures.

Klüh Airport Service is also a regulated supplier. Our processes for delivering on-board supplies comply with all applicable safety standards.

Close to you and the market


We can provide you with a large number of services and solutions, building on our closeness to both you and the market.

Aircraft cleaning

Aircraft cleaning is an important activity. Exterior cleaning contributes to efficient and sustainable flight operations whereas interior cleaning ensures passengers’ well-being.

On-board supplies

Klüh Airport Service is a regulated supplier and equips aircraft with cabin sundries.

Ground services

On the basis of work contracts, we offer services that include preparing aircraft for operation as well as providing and maintaining ground support equipment (GSE)


Transport services including PRM service

As an airport logistics provider, we have experience of managing a network of complex systems and processes and providing a wide range of transport services for airlines and passengers.


Maintenance and terminal cleaning

We deploy our broad expertise in cleaning to deliver airport cleaning services. Our cleaning experts ensure a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere and hygienic cleanliness.


Security services

Klüh Airport Service helps you to meet growing security requirements, expertly and professionally.


Frequently asked questions

Klüh Airport Service clients value our reliability and precise time-keeping. Our planning, logistics and quality assurance measures and our human resources provide you with a high degree of flexibility around the clock. We deliver flexible and committed support even if you are faced with sudden changes to flight schedules. In such cases, we adapt our planning and deploy additional staff, ensuring that passengers have no reason to complain. All our services are delivered professionally and punctually, complying reliably with high safety standards.

Based on the departures we handle, our on-time performance exceeds 99.96%.

We are familiar with both situations and can respond to customers’ individual needs.

Klüh Airport Service’s teams deliver services with the utmost precision and speed. We can provide full-service packages for the interior cleaning of aircraft, either working to standard IATA and EASA procedures or customised to meet your individual needs.

The Klüh Airport Service portfolio also includes stocking aircraft cabins with a range of materials, which can be extended as needed. In addition, we can keep inventories of all the articles required and deliver the right quantities to each flight on a just-in-time basis. Moreover, we deliver an outstanding newspaper and magazine service.

In light of increasingly demanding time and cost requirements, we see quality management as a high priority. We invest in modern equipment, perfect training and continuous development for our employees. In this way, we ensure compliance with all industry-relevant quality standards including ISO 9001. Klüh Airport Service also ensures compliance with the quality standards developed by product manufacturers. We operate on the strictest principle of trust in security areas. This applies to all the processes that are directly connected with providing services.

We currently operate in four countries and can transfer knowledge to quickly deploy our services worldwide. We also work with our clients to develop individual solutions if additional services are required.