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As a private security services provider, Klüh makes a substantial contribution to security in Germany. Our long-term clients include many companies which are highly relevant in terms of security. Our geographical and personal proximity to our clients enables us to develop a deep understanding of their individual situations and, as their security architect, propose optimal solutions that will meet their future needs as well.

With Klüh Security as your partner, you are prepared for all eventualities. We are able to respond with unrivalled speed and flexibility to adapt security measures to changing situations. Thanks to our impressively high quality and very well-trained and certified employees, we can offer customised security concepts. We look forward to working with you as well.

Security and protection in support of your goals


We deploy our proven and certified expertise coupled with decades of experience at any location and see ourselves as the architect of innovative security solutions to meet your individual needs in all sensitive areas. We work reliably and with commitment to develop customised solutions and are able to adapt quickly and flexibly to sustain the necessary security in changing situations. Our clients include the German armed forces, airports, ports, utility companies, banks, high-tech manufacturers and healthcare facilities.

We rank among the leading providers of high-quality security services – currently seventh in Germany* – and were one of the first in the industry to gain certification in accordance with Part 1 of the revised DIN 77200 standard. Our goal is to become the market leader for quality by delivering forward-looking and sustainable security.

3,600 highly committed and very well-trained employees working from 18 sites throughout Germany are the basis for our extraordinary customer proximity and extensive network. Our low employee fluctuation rates enable us to ensure maximum knowledge retention. Our specialists are trained for their assignments at the renowned Klüh Security School and Klüh Academy. We are also expanding our use of innovative e-learning programmes for which we have already received the Comenius EduMedia Award several times. Moreover, with over 110 service dog and handler teams, we have one of the largest dog training centres in Germany.

To ensure the transparency of our services for our clients, we work with DigiControl, a digital guard patrol system that enables us to provide you with real-time reporting for your risk assessment purposes.

*Lünendonk® List 2022

Our solutions for your security


For 70 years, we have been providing security-related services in many ways. We have a reputation for being extremely reliable, delivering the best security solutions and adapting quickly and flexibly to changing requirements.

Site and building security

We can provide all the human, organisational and technical resources needed to protect your buildings, facilities, assets, employees, customers and intellectual property.

Event security

Preparing for and providing security at sports events, concerts, trade fairs and other events is a major challenge for your security services provider.

Technical security

Our collaboration with reputable security technology companies enables us to offer state-of-the-art solutions anywhere in Germany.

Security consulting

We aim to provide you with the best possible advice for any situation at any time.

Special services

Our special services include post and courier services and fire safety, to name but a few.


Reception services

We deploy professionally trained and carefully selected employees to provide reception services.

Patrol and mobile security services

Patrol and mobile security services are provided by specially trained employees who are responsible for the security of a defined area.

Protection for special properties

We provide reliable protection for your special properties based on our expertise and our thorough knowledge of the applicable legislation.

Alarm activation and monitoring

Thanks to our collaboration with Bosch Security Systems, we are able to activate all kinds of alarm systems anywhere in Germany.

Klüh Security School

The Klüh Security School was established as our training centre in 1984. It is endorsed by Germany’s security industry association (BDSW) and approved by the Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU).


We stand out among the providers of security services as the customer-focused architect of innovative security solutions for all sensitive areas. We’re there wherever you need us. We have a reputation for partnership, flexibility, loyalty and reliability. With more than 70 years of experience in the security industry, certified quality, close employee and client proximity and a Germany-wide presence, we do everything we can for our clients. We are transparent in our dealings and take a constructive approach to our responsibility, even in critical cases. We are fair and reliable in the treatment of our employees, all of whom enjoy a high standard of training which ultimately benefits our clients as well. Our Center of Digital Excellence means we have our finger on the pulse of digital innovation. As part of a multiservices provider, we are in a position to offer integrated solutions to our clients.

Klüh Security is a reputable provider of high-quality services, offering customised security concepts to its clients. With more than 3,500 employees, we deliver a large proportion of these services ourself. Our employees are highly committed and serve the needs of our clients as if they were their own. Our clients have access to all levels of the company’s hierarchy – from our operational managers to managing directors. Thanks to our network of expert security technology partners, we are able to offer integrated security solutions.

This is what our clients say**:

“Klüh Security is extremely flexible and fast. 99% of short-term staff requirements are satisfied within 24 hours.”

“You understand our needs and are able to respond quickly and flexibly.”

“You help as soon as a problem arises.”

“Employee onboarding is really quick.”

“Employee training is done in the company’s own school and reflects the current state of the art.”

“Klüh Security demonstrated great flexibility in the face of changing conditions or market developments.”

“We’re really satisfied with the service from Klüh Security.”

**Customer satisfaction surveyed by an external consultant in May 2021

Klüh Security deploys proven and certified expertise at each location. In Germany, we employ around 3,500 specialists who have been trained at the Klüh Academy and the Klüh Security School to deliver high-quality and efficient security solutions. Our certifications and awards are proof of the quality of our services.

We are certified to:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN 77200
  • DIN EN ISO 50001
  • DIN EN ISO 45001
  • SCC regulations

Klüh Security employs 3,494 people across seven branches and seven regional offices.