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Klüh Catering now cooperates with organic manufacturer for the provision of patients

Düsseldorf, 03.03.2021 – From the end of February, Klüh Catering is basing the preparation of its hospital catering on the exclusive cooperation with the organic manufacturer “Planet V” from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The provision of high-quality plant-based organic dishes is to start in the north-east and then be rolled out initially in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Klüh's partner company produces handmade dishes according to Klüh's specifications. The organic-based high convenience meals are neither pasteurised nor sterilised; and as they are packaged without oxygen, the greatest possible nutrient and vitamin content is guaranteed.

As market leader for catering in 90 hospitals and similar institutions, with the new supplier, Klüh Catering GmbH aims to meet the highest expectations for healthy hospital food. As a continuation and extension of the award-winning product line “Pflanzenkraft”, the new range is intended to sustainably increase the range of healthy foods on offer.

Faster recovery

Thorsten Greth, Managing Director of Klüh Catering: “With this orientation, we are clearly taking catering for patients to a new level. Sustainably produced and carefully processed products make for delicious healthy food that can contribute to a faster recovery.

The new Klüh supplier Planet V is based in the start-up village Rothenklempenow and is closely networked with the BioBoden cooperative and farm communities. Organic farmers from the region supply a lot of raw materials. The organic company aims to set new sustainability standards with delicious meals produced in intensive cooperation, based on Klüh’s specifications and using recipes that also cover all essential dietary requirements.

According to Klüh-Catering’s product developer Robin Krielke, the organic plant-based food on offer “demonstrably contains fewer pesticides, has lower nitrate values and, thanks to careful processing by hand, is undoubtedly tastier than industrially processed standard products.” Thanks to rigorous costing, says Krielke, it is also possible “to produce the product at an acceptable price.”

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