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Klüh receives the “Regional Supplier Recognition Award 2020” from Texas Instruments

Düsseldorf, 25.08.2021 – In August, Klüh Security was awarded the “Regional Supplier Recognition Award 2020” by Texas Instruments (TI). With this award, the global technologycompanyrecognised Klüh's outstanding performance in the areas of costs, environmental and social responsibility, technology, responsiveness, delivery reliabilityand quality over the past year.

Rob Simpson, Vice President of TI Worldwide Procurement and Logistics: “Although we do business with more bthan 12,000 suppliers, there are a select few that we recognise as the best, and Klüh Security is one of them. In the name of our customers, the IT executives and the global procurement and logistics team, I congratulate the security division of the multiservice provider on the award and look forward to the ongoing cooperation.”

Axel Hartmann, Managing Director of Klüh Security: "We are delighted with the award and regard it as a sign of the high expectations of Texas Instruments as well as a vote of confidence in the high standards with which we position ourselves on the market as a quality provider of security services. At the same time, we regard this honour as an incentive to go on doing our best.”

TI, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, designs, manufactures and distributes semiconductors and various integrated circuits, collaborating with more than 12,000 supplier companies worldwide and approximately 2,500 in Germany. All suppliers are assessed and evaluated annuallyaccording to the globally standardised catalogue of criteria CETRAQ (short for “Cost, Environmental Responsibility, Technology, Responsiveness, Assurance of Supply and Quality”). The “Regional Supplier Recognition Award” is presented each year to the companies that distinguish themselves according to TI’s ambitious supplier evaluation criteria.

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