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Klüh Security receives award for e-learning program

Düsseldorf, 08.07.2021 – Klüh Security has again been awarded the prestigious Comenius-EduMedia-Award of the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e.V. (Society for Education, Information and Media - GPI). The security division of the multi-service provider Klüh Service Management GmbH received the award in the category “Vocational Training and Development” for its digital learning programme “Building evacuation”.

Klüh Security’s Managing Director Axel Hartmann: “The fifth GPI award in succession fills us with pride and is also a motivation to continue using our e-learning tool effectively.” Klüh Security trains its employees itself in seminars and workshops at its own academy and security school. Here, the web- and computer-based learning management system “DigiLearn” provides an innovative and modern addition to traditional classroom teaching.

The “Comenius EduMedia Seal” is awarded by the GPI’s expert jury of academics, professionals and educational practitioners from ten countries worldwide after a thorough examination using the test criteria. The organisation has been awarding the seal annually since 1995 in recognition of outstanding digital educational media for work, training, school, culture, and leisure. This year, more than 200 manufacturers, publishers, projects and authors from eight European countries submitted digital educational products for a manufacturer-neutral quality check.

The Comenius EduMedia Award goes back to the pedagogue Johann Amos Comenius (1592 - 1670). Comenius was a pioneer of popular and child-friendly education and propagated the systematic use of pictures and illustration for didactic purposes.

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