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Klüh Catering deploys app-supported returns system nationwide

Düsseldorf, 09.02.2021 - Disposable tableware and packaging currently result in a mountain of rubbish amounting to 281,000 tonnes every year in Germany. Klüh Catering, Germany’s fifth-largest contract caterer and market leader in hospital catering, is therefore now taking a completely new path: a partnership with the company Vytal provides a solution for waste avoidance that is as innovative as it is environmentally and customer-friendly.

The new digital returns system from Vytal has all the ingredients to become a nationwide success. “In the companies where we have already introduced it, the feedback has been gigantic”, as Thorsten Greth,
Managing Director of Klüh Catering, knows. This is hardly surprising, as the new concept for Klüh reusable tableware is as simple as it is convincing.

To start with, each user downloads the Vytal app. The QR code on the bowl is scanned, the meal is paid for and – most importantly – no deposit is charged for the high-quality bowl. The spill-proof and heat retaining bowls in three sizes or the subdivided menu tray, for example, can easily be taken home. The guest is motivated to return the container within two weeks, because otherwise an amount of ten Euros is charged. Experience shows the system works extremely well.

The convenience factor is high because the guest does not have to bring their bowl back to the Klüh company restaurant. They can hand it in at a rapidly growing number of establishments nationwide, currently already 600.

Hygiene is fully guaranteed. The bowls are made of high-quality polypropylene, resistant to discolouration due to the lotus effect and suitable for dishwashers, microwaves and freezers. Klüh Catering cleans the containers on behalf of Vytal using the certified Klüh cleaning processes. A positive eco-balance can be achieved after only ten uses. “Thanks to the app information, we are able to draw up a precise, annual eco-balance”, says Thorsten Greth.

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