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Klüh receives prestigious “Frankfurt Prize” for corporate performance in catering

Düsseldorf, 12.10.2021 – Great honour for Klüh: the catering division of the multiservice provider has received the coveted “Frankfurter Preis – Großer Preis der deutschen Gemeinschaftsgastronomie” (Frankfurt Prize - Grand prize of the German corporate and communitycatering Industry) for its services in care catering and its pioneering spirit in the field of new nutritional concepts. The prize, which acknowledges entrepreneurial and personal achievements in the catering market, is donated by the dfv media group and awarded every two years on the basis of proposals from a jury made up of prominent personalities within the sector and representatives of the donors. Application is not possible.

Thorsten Greth, Managing Director of Klüh Catering, proudly accepted the award at the prize-giving ceremonyon 11 October at the Flora in Cologne: “We are delighted with the award and regard it as recognition for the consistent quality focus of our work and our striving for constant innovation. At the same time, we see the award as an incentive to continue our efforts in a highly cost-driven competitive environment. Thus, we show that in particular high qualityis the key to successful catering.”

The award jury especiallyjustified Klüh’s award on the grounds that despite some braking factors, the multiservice provider had managed to become the market leader in care catering. At the same time, Klüh has succeeded in becoming one of the leading providers in the highly competitive business market. In addition, the jury praised Klüh’s pioneering spirit for more sustainability, which is expressed, among other things, in the new nutritional concept “Pflanzenkraft” (Plant Power) and the commitment to reducing food waste.

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