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Das Bild zeigt das Logo von EcoServ, dem neuen innovativen Reinigungsservice von Klüh Cleaning GmbH. Neben dem Logo ist der Claim "State of the Smart" zu sehen, eine Anspielung auf die smarten Lösungen, die EcoServ im Hinblick auf bedarfsgenaue und zeitgemäße Reinigungsleistungen bereithält.

EcoServ – State of the smart

New cleaning concepts

Combining service and technology offers scope for new approaches to building cleaning operations that support clients with maximum flexibility: wherever they are needed, whenever they are needed. 

EcoServ is an innovative cleaning service that provides the answer in a working environment that is characterised by change. Whether for working from home, shared desk models or bookable meeting rooms – these dynamic cleaning solutions are tailored precisely to your needs. 

Cleaning services can be triggered flexibly by users or automatically via sensor technology in especially high-use areas. Our EcoServ team of experts develops customised solutions following consultation with you, our clients. Uncomplicated and simple: building cleaning services – smart concepts for the future.

Advantages at a glance

Smart Service

EcoServ delivers smart building technology and services in a single package. This guarantees the smooth running of processes from planning through configuration and implementation to delivery of the services.

Individual consultation

Our EcoServ team of experts advises you on all aspects of the service and works with you to develop a tailored EcoServ concept, always with an eye to your quality and cost requirements.

Employee satisfaction

EcoServ is extremely user-oriented and focuses on ensuring a building’s feel-good factor. This is the trademark of a modern employer and increases employee satisfaction.


Cleaning on demand optimises the use of valuable resources such as water and energy. The cleaning specialists’ work is upgraded by its greater visibility. The data generated delivers valuable information for sustainability strategies.

Process reliability

EcoServ steers, simplifies and optimises processes to make them efficient and save time. They are documented fully to ensure they are transparent and audit proof.

Building data

The data generated delivers valuable information about buildings and their use such as visitor frequency. This knowledge can serve as the basis for a company’s internal decision-making.

How do we work with you to implement EcoServ?

Examples of applications

EcoServ in brief

The 360-degree concept

Klüh Eco System for Smart Services

Linking people, processes, systems and services: the Klüh Eco System is a holistic application platform for building-related services.

It combines an IoT framework based on sensors and apps – making up a building’s digital central nervous system – with DigiSolutions, a customer service portal incorporating data analysis tools that can be deployed in any sector.

Bundling these activities raises modern facility management to a new level.

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Whereas conventional cleaning operations are defined in a rigid plan and performed to a fixed schedule, EcoServ provides additional flexible services. These are based on, for example, the frequency of use that is identified using sensor technology. In addition, users can trigger a CleanCall via smart buttons. This is communicated in real time to the cleaning specialists who are equipped with tablet computers.

These flexible services complement the basic hygiene services which ensure the cleanliness of buildings and preserve their value.

All the data is recorded in the Klüh Eco System for Smart Services which is used to digitally manage the cleaning process. The cleaning specialists have a digital run sheet on their tablet computers which maps the building and shows them exactly what to clean and when. For example, it indicates which rooms have a high priority or when furnishings need to be cleaned.

The run sheet functions on the basis of graphical depictions and without language barriers

Especially high-use areas are recognised by sensors and cleaning can be focused there. Unused areas are also identified by the technology and cleaning is only performed if necessary, ensuring efficiency and saving resources. Moreover, filling levels can be managed or meeting rooms prepared exactly when necessary. The technology can also be used to manage individual requirements. Users can trigger a CleanCall via smart buttons or the app.

The transparency of all services is ensured at all times. The data generated is not only used for quality control but also delivers the basis for important analyses and decision-making.

EcoServ is suitable for many different types of buildings. The advantage of EcoServ over conventional systems is that it delivers all the necessary components in a single package. T

he Klüh Eco System for Smart Services provides the basis for smart service delivery from IoT technology via the necessary software solutions to BI reporting.

That is why EcoServ is also suitable for older buildings with little or no digitalisation. And, of course, existing systems in modern smart buildings can also be used and integrated into the concept.